This youth spectacle and a historical film are created for celebrating the upcoming 400 years anniversary of the conquer of the Uwajima from the Daimyo of the Date family.

Even today, the historical regional strongman still exist in the city of Uwajima. The main character of this film Suzume brings all kind of drama to the city, the island, and the people by delivering books and novel on a bicycle. All the historical events happen in this film are based on true story. A youthful film brings a touching tale of humanity with the history of the Date Family in Uwajima.


It all begins in the city of Uwajima of the Ehime Prefecture. Suzume(cast. Rina Takeda), a writer who struggles on her second novel went back to her hometown to work as a librarian in the bicycle department. Her job is to deliver the books and novel by riding a bicycle across the town. She works with Ken-Ichi Okazaki(cast. Yutaka Kobayashi) who is a former bike racer and Hana Harada who is a part-timer also the daughter of a sarcastic supervisor.

One day, the regular visitor of the library, Tome(cast. Kazuko Yoshiyuki) appeared and mention that she was also a librarian and used to worked in the Private Date Library that was burned during the air raid and was located in front of the current city library before the war. (Historical Fact)

On the other hand, the town was excited about the "Warrior Parade" for celebrating the 400 Years Anniversary of the Date family. However, they discovered that in order to restore the original print for the kimono they need the historical date from the "Book of the Heirloom" and the whole town was looking desperately for it. Also, realizing the library is planning to cut the bicycle department, Suzume set off with her bicycle for stopping the abolition and searching for the historical book.

Eventually, the historical book was discovered. It was held by Takeru, Tome's former lover who died during the war.

The whereabout of the historical book...
Will the kimono print be finished in time for the "Warrior Parade"?
And will Suzume be able to start and finish her very own second novel??

2015 was the 400th years since Hidemune the eldest son of Date Masamune ruled the island of Uwajima. This very youthful historical film was capable being made only because of this spectacular timing.


Kenichi Omori


Born in the Ehime Prefecture at 1975. Graduated from the Osaka University of Arts.
Receiving many awards in Japan from creating footage in various fields such as movies and commercials. Not only limited to a movie director, his works are also can be found in the newspaper column, scripts and novel. The representative director of Inc. Usagimaru( He is also known as a member of Director Guilds of Japan, the sightseeing ambassador of Tobe-Yaki in Ehime Prefecture and the lecturer of the regional management in Kagawa University.

[Filmography as director]

  • "THE LETTERS"(POPURA NO AKI) [2015/Director&Script]


  • 武田梨奈/Rina Takeda
  • 小林 豊/Yutaka Kobayashi
  • 内藤剛志/Takashi Naito
  • 岡田奈々/Nana Okada
  • 目黒祐樹/Yuki Meguro
  • 二階堂智/Satoshi Nikaido
  • 佐生 雪/Yuki Saso
  • 吉行和子/Kazuko Yoshiyuki
  • Producer : Masumi Hirose / Makoto Kimata / Tomoharu Kusunoki
  • Director of Photography : Tetsurou Imai
  • Production Sound Mixer : Masato Komaki
  • Production Designer : Tetsuya Nomura
  • Music Director : Takaaki Nakahashi


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